About Us

The “We Are Not Afraid!” Episcopal Church,
Serving the West Harlem Community since 1823

St. Mary’s Manhattanville is the “I am not afraid” church,
standing up as a community of faith in West Harlem to pursue
justice and peace for the poor and oppressed, to pray and care
for the sick, lonely and at risk and to put into practice the
message of the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit. “Do not
be afraid” Luke 1:30

Santa Maria Manhattanville es la iglesia “sin
miedo,” buscando paz y justicia al lado de los pobres y los
oprimidos, rezando por cuidando a los enfermos, solitarios y
marginados, y practicando el mensaje del Evangelio con la
fuerza del Espiritu Santo. “No temas” San Lucas

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church,

is located at
521 West 126th Street
New York, NY 10027

(212) 864-4013 Church Office

St. Mary’s Services and News
Click Here

St. Mary’s Center
HIV/AIDS and related services,
Click Here

The Living Change NY Fellowship Program at St. Mary’s (formerly NYIP)
young adults offer meaningful service for social justice
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The Rev. Dr. Mary Foulke, Rector


Ms. Ameya Biradavolu, Director of Food Programs
Ms. Janet Dorman, Organist/Choir Director
Mr. Jacobo Medrano, Sexton
Mr. Edafe Okporo, Robert D. Jones Memorial Refugee Shelter Coordinator
Mr. Kym Roberts, Parish Associate
Atticus Zavaletta, Pastoral Associate and Co-director of Food Programs


Ms. Lisa Slocum, Senior Warden, 2017-2019 (2nd term)
Ms. Stephanie Harewood, Junior Warden, 2017-2019 (1st term)


Class of 2019
Mr. Brian Cabezas, 2018-2019 (partial term)
Mr. Armando Howard, 2016-2019 (1st term)
Dr. Dorothy Ross, 2016-2019 (2nd term)

Class of 2020
Ms. Gloria Ellis-Smith, 2017-2020 (1st term)
Ms. Carolyn Eubanks, 2017-2020 (1st term)
Ms. Lysander Puccio, 2017-2020 (1st term)

Class of 2021
Mr. Radford Arrindel, 2018-2021 (2nd term)
Ms. Freddi Brown-Carter, 2018-2021 (2nd term)
Mr. Kym Roberts, 2018-2021 (2nd term)

Representatives to Diocesan Convention
Ms. Freddie Brown-Carter, 2018
Ms. Rachel Furer (alternate), 2018

Representatives to Manhattan North Interparish Council
Armando Howard, 2018


Mr. Roger Reisman


Ecclesia (church in the park), Celia Braxton, Chris Gordon, Camilo Lopez
Friday Movie Night, Lisa Slocum & Sandra May Flowers
New York Service & Justice Collaborative, Judith Douglas (Living Change Fellowship Program)
Robert D. Jones Memorial Refugee Shelter, Edafe Okporo, William Brown
Saturday Outreach, Shirrell Patterson Felder
St. Mary’s Summer Camp, Aswad Foster
Thrift Shop, Jenny Garmendia, Lisa Slocum


Altar Guild, Stephanie Harewood
Women’s Prayer Committee (shared)
Finance Committee, Radford Arrindell, Treasurer  & Dorothy Ross, Finance Committee Chair
Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Celia Braxton, Coordinator
Miriam, Mark & Marx Discussion and Action Group, James White, Chair
Mission Task Force, Dorothy Ross, Chair
Stewardship Committee, Radford Arrindell, Chair


17 Responses to About Us

  1. scott says:

    After coming across tough times this eek i anted to kno if yall serve dinner there at dinner time.If so hat time and hat documents should i bring?Thanks God Bless

    • stmarysharlem says:

      St. Mary’s no longer serves meals on a regular basis. There is a food pantry on Monday evening. Call or stop by the church office Monday – Friday 10 AM to 2 PM for more information about what is available. God Bless.

  2. jeanne says:

    Hallo dear fellow christians,

    How do you do?
    I heared that your town is celebrating it’s 400 years of existence.I also read in my dutch newspaper that there was not even one word said about the sufferings of the black slaves in history.

    I feel deeply ashamed of what our forelders did to the peoples of this earth.We can never make that up,neither to them nor to their children.

    I therefor would like to ask you to pray to the Lord to forgive us our sins against them.

    And I would wish your church all the best.
    May the Good Lord who gaides us all give us His blessings,

    Jeanne(From Holland)

  3. Noah says:

    A school (Four Winds) I used to attend, stayed several nights at a building owned by the church in exchange for working at a soup kitchen. Working at the kitchen changed my view of what NY is really like in someplace’s, and showed me the extremely amazing community around the area of St. Marys. So I was wondering if St. Marys ever lets groups lodge in their buildings in exchange for volunteering(Food Pantry help, Cleaning,Cooking etc.)

    • stmarysharlem says:

      Occasionally youth groups stay a night or two at the church. Contact Earl Kooperkamp, the Rector, at the church office, if you have a particular idea in mind. We look forward to speaking with you!

  4. Hannah says:

    This is Hannah Bevills, Editor for Christian.com which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian’s needs. We embarked on this endeavor to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together as one (no matter denomination) and better spread the good word of Christianity. Christian.com has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward to an email regarding the matter, Thanks!

    God Bless
    |Hannah Bevills|Christian.com|

  5. Marty Curran says:

    Hello, could you convey to Rev Mary Foulke that I am trying to contact her? I worked with her at All Saints Church. You could mention I left a private message in her Facebook “Message” link, as well as at your Facebook email address. Thank you much…!

  6. Claire Sinozich says:

    Hi! I’m looking for someone to contact for a project on urban church architecture. Is there an e-mail address I can reach out to?

    – Claire

  7. Taghreed Duaibes says:

    Hello, could you please provide me with Rev Mary Foulke email address?! I am trying to contact her, I left a private message in her Facebook but i am not sure if she check out messages there or not. Thank you!

  8. Christian says:

    my child would love to volunteer in any programs. What is the age requirement?

  9. gayledorsky says:

    do you have refreshlments at the writing gorup?g

    • stmarysharlem says:

      The word is that there are no refreshments served, but you are welcome to bring something for yourself and/or others. Thanks for your interest!

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